an unintrusive recurring reminder

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Version 2 (October 23, 2020)

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get unintrusive recurring reminders on set weekdays and times. currently the message is spoken but you can replace it with a toast message as well (most lower right block). reminders will be stored atomic in case of reboots. every reminder forks a fiber so whether you need pro depends on how many alarms you set up. i'd be happy for feedback to achieve this more easily.

initial setup depends on existing reminders. on restart with stored items you have the options to add, view and unset current settings. same reminders (days and time) will be just overwritten.

default message is set within the setup variable and will be taken if somehow no other message is provided.

initially intended to warn the kids about approaching the daily end of wifi-time to tell current chat-partners goodbye.

28 hopefully well arranged blocks grouped into a left setup column, top right inspect block and lower right execution block.

the possibly obfuscated variable setting at least allows this flow being used by non pro users as well.


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