📲 Send message to WhatsApp broadcast list

by Richard Subero

Version 1 (November 9, 2020)

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Example to send a message to a WhatsApp broadcast list
(tested on Android 6.0)

Broadcast lists do not appear when sharing a message on WhatsApp, so this flow copies the content before sending the message, then opens the shortcut of a Broadcast list and paste the content of the message you previously sent.


1. Create a WhatsApp broadcast list with the contacts you want to send the message.

2. Create a shortcut of broadcast list

3. Edit block #8 of this flow and select WhatsApp and select the broadcast list

Run the flow and write the message and the name of the first contact that will send the message (edit this flow according to your need)

Help or suggestions write me to the mail richardsub13@gmail.com

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