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by Sinh Van Nguyen

Version 1 (January 5, 2021)

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My first December 2020 flow published at this time. Are you bored of a automated bot or a single person chat? Don't worry, you can create a single log group chat with all of your contacts.

Before running, make sure logging is turned off so the chat is clean.

• This only works for default messaging app, not for social messaging apps.
• Any contacts other than you cannot reply to other contacts, because this is not a actual group chat (e.g. Your friend can reply to you, but not your parent).
• I don't know how to fix this. In this flow, if your device time pattern is set to 12 hour, then chatting shows logs with 12 hour time. But if the pattern is set to 24 hour, new messages also use the new pattern but the old messages remains in 12 hour.
• You can't use the name of your actual contact card in the system contacts app.
• Abillity to send messages after an message is received.
I made this flow without testing, so it is not completely stable. If you saw a error or a malicious action occured, please report me a bug.

If you know how to build features to put in this flow, rate in comments showing step-by-step instructions to build.

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