💬Dialog Game minification

by Ricardo “Rudxain” Fernández Serrata

Version 1 (January 9, 2023)

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Proof of Concept of EXTREME flow minification using a simple dictionary and a choice log. With this method, the minification ratio approaches infinity because it has the same block count while also holding an indefinite amount of dialogue.

If you want a richer set of choices, you can adapt this to use a Choice Dialog instead. This has several advantages like having the option to close the dialog triggering an Atomic Store to save the last state of the game AND the Var Set becomes unnecessary because the output are arrays of 1 or more numbers.

The problem with Choice Dialog is that it's more complex and only has title without message, so the space for text is limited unless you use notification.

An advantage of using a dictionary is that you don't need to create a binary tree using a multidimensional array, the dictionary maps everything for you (so you can add branches easily) and only needs a unique value for each unique line of dialogue (I used a binary string. If you use 3 choices you'll need a ternary string, if 4 then cuaternary and so on)

Of course, you don't need to fill up memory by appending digits to a log. You can assign ANY name you want to each "scene" and avoid appending by just overwriting the "log" with the next scene that you want to show. This makes it easier to track all scenes and know which is which instantly. It also gives you freedom to "teleport" back and forward in time.

AndroidQuest wouldn't need Premium if they used this technique.

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LICENSE: https://unlicense.org

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