⚡Fast Charging Toggle⚡edit to use quick settings

by John M

Version 1 (December 24, 2020)

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🆓 Free and simple flow to toggle both Wireless and Cable fast charging with a single tap. Tested on Samsung Note9 and Galaxy S8.

- Fast charging is neat when you really need the juice fast. However, if you notice your phone is heating up, you better disable fast charging when you don't need it "fast" to preserve your battery health, which is where this flow comes in.
- To maximize your battery performance I would also recommend downloading AccuBattery that notifies you when 80% charge (least amount of battery wear) is reached.

How to use this:
- Add the Automate widget on home screen and map it to this flow.

- Makes sure device is not plugged in before changing the settings to avoid battery damage.
- Shows toast message with updated settings.

- Adaptive Fast Charging, Wireless Fast Charging, Quick Charge,