Optimum Wi-Fi (Multiple APs) v2

by Mark Newton

Version 9 (May 10, 2015)

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Have multiple Wi-Fi access points in your home or work and get frustrated when Android doesn't connect to the best one quickly?

That's where Optimum Wi-Fi comes in. Add the location containing the Wi-Fi access points (APs) then add the Wi-Fi APs you connect to for that location. The flow then performs Wi-Fi scans in the background and connects to the best access point when you are at one of the entered locations.

Optimum Wi-Fi v1 uses an AP list only.

Optimum Wi-Fi v2 uses an AP list per location. That way the flow pauses when away from the entered locations. Saves battery, less wakelocks.

Wi-Fi Scan Options:
Passive - Wi-Fi scan uses Android systems background Wi-Fi scan without a delay between scans.
Delay - Wi-Fi scan uses a user entered delay between scans.
Allow Wi-Fi Sleep - Allows Wi-Fi to sleep when best AP is checked 2 times and already connected AND the screen is off. Wakes Wi-Fi and starts scan when screen is turned back on.

BSSID is the equivalent of a MAC address for wireless access points.

How does it work?
1. User enters locations into a list.
2. User enters APs for entered locations.
3. Wi-Fi scan is started and checked against AP list when at a entered location.
4. Highest scoring APs BSSID is logged.
5. 5 second delay
6. Wi-Fi scan is performed and checked against AP list.
7. Highest scoring APs BSSID is checked against preciously logged BSSID.
- If not matching, flow resets variables and loops back to Step 3.
- If matching, Wi-Fi AP is connected.
8. Check if Allow Wi-Fi Sleep is enabled.
- If enabled and screen is off allow WiFi to sleep until screen on.
- If not enabled, user entered delay begins then loops back to Step 5.
9. When screen on, connect to nearest access point entered into AP list if not connected.

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