Group Chat (SMS) 💬📁

by John Friesen

Version 1 (January 7, 2021)

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(Premium ✔) Group Chat with your friends without using Wifi or Data! This flow creates a Group chat in SMS Messages using Automate and even let's Members use Commands! Everyone even can use a Custom Username! Check it out!

📲 Get Started!

1. To Start a Group chat, Start the Flow and Tap "Enable Group Chat". People can now Join the group by texting you the Password. See the password in the Settings.

(join is the default password)

2. To add people to the Group, Tap "Group Members", then Tap "Add a Contact". Don't add this device into the Group or the Chat
won't work properly!

3. Now Group Members can start chatting, their messages will be sent to everyone in the Group along with their Username! To chat using this Device, go to the Main Menu, and tap on 'Send a Message'.

(You cannot sent Images, Videos or Attachments)

4. All Members can access the commands to do certain things. Like change their Username, Add people to the group, View who's all in the group, ect. They can type help to view the Commands:


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Version 1
Made by: John Friesen
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