Ackermann Functions

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 3 (February 26, 2021)

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The optimized and the standard verbatim version of the Ackermann Function.

This function can easily cause overflows of many types in many programming languages. This function can only be recursive, not fully iterative, so it's difficult to implement it on Automate because the subroutine block is not the same as defining/declaring a function in other languages.

This is the "modern" F (2-argument Ackermann–Péter F). I will probably also build the Original "Classic" one (see: and )

Note that the memoized values are only dumped to storage (Atomic Store) after a completed execution (uninterrupted). This is to increase speed by using memory and avoiding storage when possible.

If you don't have premium, just 📋CP each function to an individual flow file

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