📚 Send article to kindle

by Kazimierz Filip

Version 1 (January 24, 2021)

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Copy link of an article that you want to keep and run this flow. It will automatically send it to server to extract article from site and then put it on your kindle.

It uses Tinderizer interface so you should set it up beforehand on tinderizer.com. Otherwise it will not work. Go to their website, it's free.

Replace input prompts with hardcoded 'set variable' block to not enter your kindle email every time.

What this flow does:
- copies data from clipboard
- sends it to tinderizer.com server
- waits for response from tinderizer

All hard work with extracting data from url and sending it to kindle is done by tinderizer, so consider supporting it if you like it.

Check out also other flow that is shared here: 'Send to kindle' that extracts web page and sends it with your own email (this email should be added to amazon to allow it to send data to kindle).

How to manage your kindle email and emails that can send files to kindle.

Open amazon.com, click "Account" in menu (you should be logged in).
Then choose "Manage Your Content and Devices". In tab "Preferences" open "Personal Document Settings". Under "Send-To-Kindle Email settings" you will find your kindle email. If you send email with an attachement to this address file will be sent to your kindle. Under "Approved Personal Document E-mail List" there is a list of authorized emails that are allowed to send to your kindle.