(Touhou PV Animation) Bad Apple !!

by lighfu

Version 7 (September 10, 2021)

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Bad Apple!! feat. nomico PV Animation

Project an animation on the notification.

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- 29 Blocks (Free ok)
- Non Root

- Main loop Simplification

Required Free space
- Big Data (120 x 2 MB)

😺 Thanks Reviews!!

@ Ricardo Fernández Serrata
As you want~

✅Update 8/4
Optimized resource import behavior.
✅Update 9/10
Fix extract.

⚠️ Do not Change the Delete Block!!
Also, do not change the var "const dir".

The download data will be deleted at the same time you delete the flow.

'fps' --> p["xfps"] : 1 / fps
The current number of frames is limited to 24 fps, but if your terminal can afford it, you can set it to 30 fps for a perfect 24 fps. 'Delay' is actually updating frames at a lower rate even if you specify 24 fps because he causes a delay of milliseconds.

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