☯️Bad 🍎Apple! animated notification

by Ricardo “Rudxain” Fernández Serrata

Version 13 (July 29, 2021)

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⭐lighfu's original flow: llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/38404
🎞Media🎵: Touhou - Bad Apple!! feat. nomico PV Animation.

With performance optimizations, progress bar, lyrics, and controls! (Now you can pause and resume playing at ANY time of the animation, just like a video player)

If audio is out of sync, restart the flow.
Lyrics are kinda problematic to sync. I tried my best.

Update: HTTP request to "degoo" doesn't seem to work anymore, so I replaced it by the GDrive alternative.

If the resources aren't detected, the flow will immediately open the GDrive link and you have to press "Download anyway". The flow will auto-detect when the file has been fully downloaded. I only tested with Chrome, I don't know if it'll work with the GDrive app or other browsers because they may use a different path.

If the flow doesn't detect the downloaded zip (the zip has been downloaded to an unexpected path), then set the "source" of the Unzip/Extract to the path of the downloaded ZIP, then execute the block by directly connecting the Flow Beginning to it.

If the flow has detected the zip before all the data is downloaded (the downloader used the exact same path both for partial and completed download), then stop the flow, download the zip, and follow the same instructions above.

I forgot to mention that if you have A4.1+ (required version to show pictures in a notification) but don't see any image in the notification, you have to expand it using the "arrow" (or something). The original flow uses an Interact that automatically does this, but I decided not to use it because it requires an additional permission and also reduces playback performance on some devices

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