Auto adjust screen rotation

by Lucas Martins Mendes

Version 4 (November 18, 2021)

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# Description #

Flow to automatically set/unset the auto-rotation state based on the current application.

e.g. always enable auto rotation on youtube and disable on a reading application.

Applications not on the list are not acted upon, but keep the last set value.

# Set up #

1) Please set up where (a path) to store the configuration file.
2) Add a quick configuration tile, it is used to edit the preferences.

# Usage #

## Adding/Removing settings ##

To add new settings, set the desired auto rotation state for the current app, and tap the quick tile, if the setting does not exist it will prompt if you want to add it, otherwise it will prompt if you want to remove the preference.

## Running it ##

To start it run the 'Default' start point.

## Blacklist ##

To edit the Blacklist, use the 'Edit Blacklist' start point and follow the prompts.

# Updates #

If you have an old config file from the previous version, set the "Port Config file" start point as visible and run it. It will port it to the new format.

# Help #

If you have any questions, I'm u/Luctins on Reddit.

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