Cypher 2.0

by Niels Triple

Version 1 (February 27, 2021)

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Non-premium, no root required.

This flow can encrypt plain text, by encoding it to hex and using a 2048 bit cypher-key, based on your password and the actual stored flow data, to change the hexvalues to gibberish.

Change anything inside the flow, like the "uniquemaker", or even adding an unconnected block, and the cypher-key will be unique to your own flow. Other downloads of this flow cannot decypher the encrypted text anymore, not even with the correct password, unless they make the exact same changes.

CAUTION, if you want to use this cypher for communication, then both ends need to operate with the EXACT same flow, with the EXACT same modifications!!

For privacy/security reasons, all input is run through a subroutine that only returns the endresult, leaving passwords out of the loop (and phone memory).

Because this is open source and uses hashing, the password can potentially be bruteforced. But if you choose a pass-sentence instead of a password, it's practically unbreakable.

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