Stable WiFi Watcher

by Joey Baek

Version 4 (March 6, 2021)

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Requires 28 blocks.

Completely hands off the WiFi while saving battery and mobile data.

Are you tired of turning on/off WiFi manually?

Or you may be worried that the battery drains searching for available WiFi.

Lookimg for the feature to reduce WiFi search frequency automatically in rarely WiFi places?

Thats the exact reason why I have made this flow.

When WiFi is connected, this flow does nothing no matter you use the phone or just put it in your pocket. Everything is okay.

When your phone has lost the WiFi connection(still no matter use it or not), it waits for certain seconds. If it finds no WiFi yet, then it turns off WiFi automatically.

Then whenever you turn on the display and use it, it tries to search the WiFi again. When your phone cannot find the connection, it turns off WiFi.

But this is costly if you are where there is no WiFi at all! Your phone is looking for an Oasis in a desert every time when you turn on the phone! This flow solves this issue in this manner : When your phone failed to find WiFi for certain times whenever you use the phone, it reduces the frequency to turn on the WiFi.

The frequency policy goes following:
First 3 times failure: try every time to turn on the WiFi.
More than 3 times failure: turn on WiFi once every 3 times display on cycle.

Plus, you may use your phone while moving in and out home place. In this scenario, when you leave your home and lose connection, your phone turns off the WiFi. But since you are using your phone, you highly likely demand WiFi network. If the display is on over certain minutes, it automatically finds the WiFi network and turn off when failure.

Lastly, whenever it connects to the WiFi network, it undos everything what were described above and reset the frequency policy.

This flow is designed to work no matter where WiFi is on or not. If you are mostly in a place with WiFi to initiate this flow, tweak it. You may free some first blocks.

[FIX]uncheck 'flow stops when parent stops' option in Off Module Flow blocks.
[FIX] Changed waiting period to 30s
[FIX] Reuse Off Module while preventing stop as parent flow stops.

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