Wifi Battery Saver

by AFPing

Version 7 (March 10, 2021)

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Disables Wifi after 30 min of disconnection.

When is this flow useful?:

Sometimes I go out of my house to buy stuff in the store. I don't want WiFi to be disabled immediately when the connection is lost.

If I'm back home before 30 minutes, the wifi will be re-connected cause WiFi is still enabled, thus, I won't use mobile data in my home.

If I'm not back in 30 min, it probably means I'm at work or some place else, so the wifi will be disabled to save battery.


1) If Wifi is enabled and not connected after 40 seconds, it will be disabled.

2) If Wifi is disconnected for 30 minutes, it will be disabled.

3) If WiFi is reconnected before the 30 minute limit, the disable task is canceled.


For safety, understand it before using it :)

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