Disable Mobile Data On Wi-Fi

by Fran T

Version 11 (July 7, 2021)

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For devices without the 'Mobile Data Always Active' feature, helps save battery by turning off mobile data while connected to Wi-Fi.

Root access is not required. If superuser permission is not granted, the flow will use a UI workaround to set the Mobile Data state using the Quick Settings tile. For best results in this case, set up the Smart Lock feature on your device so that the flow can unlock it to use the setting tile. (If Smart Lock isn't available, the flow will wait until you manually unlock the device.) If you have logging enabled and notice an error in the log, that's from the flow determining whether the Mobile Data API is available for your device, permissions, and Android version the first time it's run. The flow proceeds normally.

o Improve retry when device can only be unlocked manually, improve matching of Quick Setting tile text
o Quick Setting tile matching improvement for Samsung One UI
o Improve auto-generated XPaths
o Improve unlock for Samsung devices