Run Termux Command with Termux:Tasker

by AFPing

Version 1 (March 26, 2021)

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I think this is the best way to run Termux commands with Automate.

- you can send parameters and receive the stdout, stderr and exitcode of the scripts.
- You can install and use any package from termux, like NodeJS or Python.

- You have to install the Termux:Tasker plugin.


1) Go to Playstore and install Termux.

2a) Go to FDroid and install the Termux:Tasker plugin.

2b) You can also install Termux:Tasker from the playstore but it costs like 2 dollars.

3) Open Termux and run: mkdir -p ~/.termux/tasker

4) Create a shell script with: nano ~/.termux/tasker/

The following two lines are the content of the script from this example:

##### begin
echo $1
##### end

5) Give execution permission to the script with running: chmod u+x ~/.termux/

6) Check out the content of this flow

IMPORTANT: The reason behind the expression that validates if ex != null is that sometimes Automate doesn't execute the script. It is weird but it happens sometimes. So this ensures that the script is actually executed.

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