Filtered App Picker

by Fran T

Version 9 (March 26, 2022)

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An app picker subroutine which shows only apps which are runnable interactively, and allows multiple apps to be selected at once. The returned selectedApps dictionary is sorted by app names, with selected apps on top.

While simple to use, the Automate App Pick block shows all services, plugins, and internal app intents as well, which usually isn't desired. By filtering these out, this flow can reduce that number by 66% - 80%, and all are user-runnable apps.

For greater ease of use, the app list only shows the app names, but you can make it look like the Automate App Pick block (presenting both the app name and package) by running the Show App Packages flow. After you include the subroutine in your own flow, you can set the 'showAppPackages' variable to a true or false value before invoking the subroutine to set your preference, or leave it out entirely if you don't want to show packages.

o The returned dictionary is now returned sorted by app name with selected apps on top; now distinguishes apps having the same name; added a flow to demonstrate both name-only and package display; simplified calling the subroutine block; added display of total number of apps in app choice dialog header

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