Focus mode📴 at specific time

by Rik van den Reijen

Version 1 (April 2, 2021)

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Engage your hard working mode with this flow! The flow automaticly starts at a time where you start working. It starts Flipd to set your focus mode.

🔒 This flow also gives the option to locks you out of your device completly until you are done focusing!🔒

I set the default phone app but change to your default if different! (block 32)

1. Choose a study time amount⌛
2. Choose a break time amount⌛
3. TTS when break time is on🗣️
4. Flow will Shutdown if you have incoming call. For emergency purposes.🔚
5. Can still make calls for emergency purposes

*use with caution. Disable the run on startup option in settings for testing. Don't permanently lock yourself out*

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