CoinVid-19 Crypto Lite

by zozo déjanté

Version 4 (April 18, 2021)

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📈Brand new cryptocurrency !📈
⚠️There is no real money involved⚠️
This crypto is based on the infection per day of the covid 19 ! (don't juge me I'm weird) you can trade like a pro with leverage and augment your initial balance (1000©), and you can send CoronaCoin to other users !
NO PREMIUM (30 blocks, not even close !)

The block n°7 is for the server address, you can host one yourself by downloading the script for this on my profile !
If the default address used in that block is not working it's my fault cause it is hosted on my phone , but you can post your own server address or use the posted ones in the comments to help this great community 😇

Request never responded : The server address in the block 7 is down, or the your Google account hasn't authorized Automate to send cloud messages
Server responds utter trash : A server is hosted using the client address

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