Switch profile if BTdevice discon. or vice versa.

by Джонатан Кроун

Version 1 (April 16, 2021)

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Flow is used to notify the user that the watch (or other bluetooth device) has disconnected from the phone for one of the reasons (discharged, bluetooth disconnected in the phone or device, the device is far from the phone) and change sound profile, not to lose any notification or call.
(no one wants to lose or forget their device, or quickly find out that someone is trying to steal it).

- If the device disconnected - the sound in the phone changed to 100%, the profile changed to normal, the media switch to 0% (so that it does not scream at the first start after disconnect), the flashlight starts blinking for a while and the ringing sound from the telephone speaker turns on.
- If the device connected - all sound is turned off (and media too), the silent profile is turned on.
In blocks 13 and 50, pick device you want to spectate.
In block 22, select a melody and a speaker on which you want to play it.
In block 30, enter pop-up text or replace toast with notification block.
In block 42, enter the duration of the blinking of the flashlight.