Autoplay for BT devices |No Premium or Root needed

by The Chillin' Guy

Version 4 (May 11, 2021)

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🛑May not work! It got some issues...🛑

When a selected Bluetooth device is connected a press on play will be simulated leading the phone to start the music. To select the devices you want you have to go in the flow builder and press the block under the Flow Beginning block (check if BT device is connected block). Then go to select device and select your device from the list. Everything else can be left as it is. If you want more devices just copy and paste the flow beginning and check if BT device connected block. If you want more Devices just select All thre blocks of one flow (Start, BT checker and Simulate Play) and copy paste them Also you can rename the flow beginning block by clicking on them. You could give then the name of the device you selected. When starting the flow just select every device you want to be checked. (That is where naming the flow beginnings becomes a practical move because that way you can identify each flow for each device easier)