Auto Bluetooth off

by Aman Goyal

Version 1 (May 24, 2021)

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Will work as a toggle Bluetooth ON/OFF button, if Bluetooth found disabled, it'll switch ON the bluetooth and after the bluetooth device gets disconnected, it will turn off the bluetooth automatically.

1) Make a home screen widget
2) click on the widget, the bluetooth will get enabled and switch on your bluetooth device.
3) wait for your bluetooth device to get auto connected
4) enjoy and when finished using the bluetooth device, just switch off the bluetooth device.
5) the flow will check for the bluetooth connected state at a delay of 10sec( it is configurable).
6)if the bluetooth state found to be disconnected, it will turn off the bluetooth automatically and stop the flow.
7) for some reason if you want to turnoff the bluetooth in between the process, just click on the widget again. The bluetooth will get disabled.