Sunrise/Sunset Calculator (shareware friendly)

by google user

Version 6 (August 26, 2021)

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29 blocks, usable with shareware version

optimized local sun calculations with minute precise countdown. will retake position on zero, recalculate stack and display the next event (if you moved away from the sun and you current position has the current event later, itll show the updated time)

* Location get is set to high accuracy, this may cause delays if signal receptions are bad. if you notice long delays, reduce the accuracy.

* Location get is set to accept up to 10 minute old location data. if you move a lot during dusk/dawn, you might want to change that

developed for people that argued over inacurate time charts during ramadan

v6 notification variable updated
v5 more optimization. fixed stack issue by extending stack
v4 forgot to close loop
v3 further optimization, location lookup & display in notification
v2 optimization
v1 initial release