↕️ AutoScroller advanced

by Eggo Elffers

Version 2 (June 9, 2021)

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Automatically Scroll inside Apps with this Flow!!

This flow is is stolen from Nobin Jacob and almost everthing in the description isn't mine but his and i want to givw him credit for it
I have not jet tested it i don't know jet if it works but what i added is that you can choose where you want it to scroll it may be hard to know how it works but you wil find out and now you can auto-scroll on 3 places at tht same time

*To stop Auto-scrolling, swipe in opposite direction.
**To restart Auto-Scrolling hover over/touch the proximity sensor.

"Inspired by Francesco Patumi's Instagram Autoscroll."

The Scrolling speed is set to 750dip/s as default. Increasing/ Decreasing the value may affect scrolling.

The Y0 , X0 is set to default on 0 and Y1 , X1 is set on defauld on 100

This flow is Experimental, some users may experience problems with the flow.

Thank you,
Eggo Elffers