Auto OS

by Pluto

Version 11 (September 30, 2021)

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Operating system made from Automate. What this flow is at currently took me many weeks to build. Also DO NOT try to edit the flow! Automate could crash as AutoOS just surpassed 525 blocks!!!!!!!! Which is unbelievable. I hope you enjoy! More updates coming soon!


Update Log:

1.9: Added a fully functioning camera.

1.8: Added an extra layer of security in the account creation and login.

1.7: There isn't much in this update but there is massive plans I'm working on. I'm currently waiting for a Automate update that will allow me to make a new app which will probably be the most useful app in AutoOS. Also I will credit anyone who can make a self updater for AutoOS. Post the flow and email me the link to the flow at

1.6: Fixed bugs and improved more UI

1.5: Improved UI.

1.4: Added a notepad with five pads to use. Can be found in the tools folder. Minor bug fixes.

1.3: Added a game which will be updated in the future and minor bug fixes.

1.2: Fixed a bug for when you create a new account the contact names stay the same instead of deleting. Also added factory reset.

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