Zap if overdue Todoist tasks (Pavlok 3)

by Raz DE

Version 2 (July 25, 2021)

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IMPORTANT: For this automation to work you'll need to go to (login if need to) and get your Token at the very bottom of the screen. The Token is needed so that Todoist knows it's you (it's unique to your user), so you can get your Todoist tasks.
Copy the Token and paste it in Block #12 (it's the 3rd one from top to bottom) in the Value field, between the quotes. Tap Save.

Now you can go back and start the automation.
Once you do, you'll be prompted to define a time for the deadline.
When the deadline is reached, this will check if you have overdue tasks for that same day (tasks that were overdue in previous days won't count).
You'll get a notification saying how many overdue tasks there were, and you'll get a zap for each one.