🤖Text Bot - Automated SMS Service

by Benjamin Cantlupe

Version 1 (April 12, 2016)

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Personalized text bot that responds automatically to preset phrases. Keep your friends and family in the loop without looking at your phone.

• Engaged when a passphrase that you create is received by sms

• 'Where are you' - sends your location as an address

• 'Are you busy' - says if you are busy based on your calendar

• 'Tell me a joke' - responds with a random joke

• 'Randomize' - prompts for a number 'x' then returns 1-x in a random order

• 'Help' - sends the list of valid phrases

• 'End' - exits the text bot loop*

1. Start the flow

2. Type your first name (so text bot can say 'John is busy,' it just feels more personal)

3. Name your text bot. This is the 'passphrase' someone will have to text you to access text bot loop

4. Pick your calendar (for 'Are you busy' fiber)

5. Go to Automate settings and increase the SMS send limit to the Max (100)

6. Give your text bot passphrase to close friends and family.


Please rate and comment with feedback/feature suggestions.

*Users must text 'End' to exit text bot loop or it will continue to auto-send messages.

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