Directory Cleanup

by Fran T

Version 1 (August 5, 2021)

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Deletes files from one or more folders, optionally based on how old they are and how many you'd like to keep.

The flow shows a summary of the files that were deleted using a notification so that it doesn't interfere with other flows it may run in conjunction with. If there are more files deleted than can fit in a notification, tapping on the notification will show you the full list.

You can separately schedule the flow to run daily using the 'Schedule Daily Cleanup' flow.

Ricardo: The 'contains'is used as a shortcut because the string involved is a file path not a general string, so globbing isn't necessary. Ideally the settings file would be named with a ".json" filetype, but most people don't have an app installed that will open such a file; by using ".txt", just a browser can be used.

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