Battery File Logs

by Hảo Nguyễn Hiếu

Version 1 (August 26, 2021)

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⛔Premium (barely premium,28 blocks)
🆗Need privilege access file to write log file

(📜Note : You need to turn off logs this automate flow if you're set the duration delay save logs under 4-5 seconds or else the log will take so much your storage)

(📜More note : If you set the duration delay save log lower than 2 seconds, it can be affact your performance, so i prefer to set duration delay save log it 7 seconds or set "Battery level change" delay save log)

✅Log and save the log in the file extension call ".csv"
✅Customize the location to save log file, filename log file
✅Pick duration in basic mode (up to second) or in advanced mode (up to milisecond)
✅2 mode to delay save log: Delay in specific duration or
each battery level change
✅You can continue log if you was stopped the log
✅Log "time" go up to milisecond

🔜Coming Soon
1. Save at format ".tsv"
2. Save at format SQLite database
3. Minimal version

Ok, Enjoy it!!!!

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