Toast+ (Quick Extensions)

by lighfu

Version 2 (September 10, 2021)

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By using the "Quick Extensions For Automate", a proprietary extension Apk, you can order custom toasts. Using "Quick Extensions For Automate", you can order a custom Toast with different Toast text color, background color, size, Gravity, Offset, and Padding.

This flow requires the installation of the APK for "Quick Extensions For Automate".
Download and install the latest release of the APK from the link below.


You can order Toast using the Service Start block.
Service Start ブロックを使用して Toast をオーダーできます。

🟥 Important changes New
Starting from v2, the use of "toastOrderService" has been deprecated.
Future updates of Toast extensions will be migrated to ".... . orders.ToastOrder".

The "toastOrderService" in the Service start block will be removed at some point.
The "Service start" block will no longer be needed.
The "Broadcast send" block will be used instead.

Package: com.lighfu.quickextensions
Class: com.lighfu.quickextensions.orders.ToastOrder

Action: Order


"text": String
"size" as Float: Number
"color" as Int: 0xAARRGGBB
"backcolor" as Int: 0xAARRGGBB
"duration" as Int: 0 or1
"gravity" as StringArray: ["CENTER"]
"padding" as IntArray: [64, 64, 64, 64]
"offset" as IntArray: [0, 0]

gravity: [String] OR
gravity: [String, String]

padding: [Left, Top, Right, Bottom]

offset: [x, y]

Right now, it's just a square Toast.

v1 :21/8/29: upload
v2 :21/9/10: service to broadcast.