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by L Schmidt

Version 6 (September 16, 2021)

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While driving, I like my device to read notifications from certain apps aloud to me. Such apps are instant messengers, SMS, email clients, news tickers. Notifications from some other apps I'm not interested in.

This flow either reads and speaks notifications from whitelisted apps, or reads all except from blacklisted apps, but only when some specific conditions are matched, like device is connected to a selected Bluetooth device, is powered, or has internet through mobile connection. Of course other conditions to enable or disable notification reporting are possible. Currently is the flow set to read notifications when connected to power. You may want to change that.

The flow, when run, looks in directory Automate/notifications first for file whitelist.txt, then for blacklist.txt. These files contain package names of white- or blacklisted apps, one per line. If neither file is found, all notifications will be read. If whitelist.txt is found, only notifications from apps contained by that list are read. If blacklist.txt is found, but no whitelist.txt, notifications by apps from that file are suppressed, while other notifications are read.

Directory and filenames of whitelist and blacklist files can be changed in the two blocks immediately below the flow header.

Purpose of this flow is, of course, to counter the urge to look at the device screen while driving when a notification is announced. Enjoy.

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