🗣️Easy Gaming Chat🎮

by Андрей Комысов

Version 2 (September 20, 2021)

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EGC or EasyGamingChat is mini-algoritm for voice chat with your friend through toast messages and google recognition.

1)For better experience - use headphones
2)Keep your volume at range from 1 to 9 , because otherwise you will not be able to activate recognition

1)Say "?" (question mark) as a message to your parther , if you want to know whether they are online or not

How to use:
1)Choose your language for recognition (doesn't affect any text in program itself)

2)Use "Connect🔌" to connect with person which is receiver or trying to connect with you too. If you want to be receiver use "Receive📲"
(You may also connect to your friend after he tried to connect with you , but he must to not close the flow)

3)Choose your gmail and enter gmail of person you want to chat with.
As a receiver you just need to wait until your smartphone starts to vibrate for a second because it means that someone is connected to you.

4)Press volume button to increase or decrease volume by one point (Don't worry - it will change back)
and say anything you want for you partner to read and wait 2 seconds

Done! Now your partner going to receive your message , repeat statement three to continue conversation

Update1: now toast stays longer

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