[EY] Sleep with Spotify advance v20180923

by Calon Mercer

Version 1 (September 24, 2021)

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Description: Start spotify playlist and stop after N minutes. Has interactive configuraron and more functions.

Demo video: https://youtu.be/QFcOElB1P1A


- Interactive start screen.
- Remember last lapse, volume and playlist.
- Before stop the music, screen is powered on by some seconds. You have 30 seconds to put your hand over the phone to extend time or re configure sleep time.
- Double tap with hand on powered off screen to goto next song.
- Stop music progressively.
- With notification you can: extend/change time, cancel sleep or stop music.
- Show if new version is available.
- NEW: Custom lapse (requested by user)

IMPORTANT: To more timing accuracy go to automate settings / timing accuracy workaround and select "alarm clock & native timer"

RECOMENDATION: Use this flow with device connected to the charger.

Flows to complement:
- Silence when sleep (available soon)
- Night white list (available soon)

Tested devices:
- Galaxy S7 Edge, Android 8 original
- Huawei p10 lite, Android 8 (by user)