Quick Setting Tile interaction builder (no root)

by Alex Stoyanov

Version 2 (April 3, 2022)

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This flow utilizes the "XPath builder" flow to easily make interact blocks for quick settings tiles. It stores the XPath to both a file and your clipboard for convenience. The file can then be referenced by other flows, or if the same flow is used, it will run faster if the input doesn't need to be changed. Keep in mind, the quick setting tile name is case-sensitive.

Use the "Create/Use Quick Setting Block" flow to create the XPath, test it, and use it to toggle a quick setting tile (keep in mind that if the UI takes more than a second to load then the flow will fail and the XPath file will be deleted. If making sure the tile name is correct doesn't fix it, increase the delay).

Use the "Clear Recorded XPath" flow to delete the XPath file and not leave a trace.

Quick setting tile toggle:
XPath builder:

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