Triple mobile data flow (LG phones!)

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 2 (December 20, 2021)

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I forgot to say thank you and give credit to the guys in the Telegram group who helped me find this solution and make this flow work! Super community!

Three flows for managing mobile data (especially for LG phones to skip the annoying pop-up!!! Yay): no-premium - no-root - ADB!
1- widget to toggle the state
2- Automatically switch data on or off depending on WiFi connection.
3- replace the system quick setting tile

If you're looking for a non-ADB solution try this flow: It will automatically hit the ok button when you switch data. Unfortunately it's not a fully automatic solution in the sense that you still have to toggle manually, it just takes away the hassle of the pop-up.

It uses the ADB shell block, so you need to configure wireless debug on your phone in the developers settings. Once you have done this, you will have to configure each ADB block (or copy and replace once you've configured one), using the automate alias and accept the key. Please search on Google on how to do this if unfamiliar or unsure, but it's not difficult. ATTENTION: every time you reboot the phone you will have to renew this! CAUTION: leaving wireless debug on can leave you exposed, especially on open/untrusted networks! Be careful, use at own risk!

Open for suggestions and improvements.

Update: reduced blocks.

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