by Angelos Exangelos

Version 3 (November 3, 2021)

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This flow utilizes ProtonVPN's free service and NL servers (only temporarily until auto-login to xCloud is completed) to enable cloud gaming in unsupported EU regions. A ProtonVPN profile with the name NL (with fastest - Netherlands servers configured) is needed, the quick connect should be configured to use that profile. You need to be logged into ProtonVPN and Game Pass Beta apps before this flow can be used, and both ProtonVPN and Game Pass Beta should be closed as they are launched. The flow waits for the Game Pass Beta menu to display "Jump Back In" in the cloud section, so you need to have started at least one cloud game once for this to work. Made to be used with a homescreen shortcut. Enjoy!

-V2: Increase delay before terminating VPN connection to fix some cloud games not showing the "Play" option.

-V3: Switch to Game Pass Beta for possible "network issue" glitch fix. After "Jump Back In" appears the VPN connection stays on for another 45 seconds. I recommend starting a game within that timeframe.

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