100% brightness emergency lockscreen button

by Andy Sailroad

Version 10 (January 4, 2022)

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Max out brightness at 100% easily and quickly by pressing volume-up button on your lockscreen once. Very useful in those cases where bright outdoor sunlight prevents you from viewing your screen.

If not manually or automatically modified, brightness will adjust to 25% after 20 seconds, to avoid battery drain.

This works on lockscreen only, and the button triggers max brightness only once as an emergency button.

When there is audio playing or an ongoing call, the button will trigger the volume up as usual.

I use this myself, so I keep updating the flow when I find problems. It's not necessary, but I use this together with my other "auto brightness" flow which makes the screen adjust itself as soon as I turn it back on.

Please leave me a rating if you find this useful. Thanks a lot!

*by Andy Sailroad*

2.4: more adjustments after testing the flow, which made the flow stop during phone call / audio playing.

2.3: fixed problem with a block that caused the flow to stop itself when locking and unlocking quickly.

2.1: fixed problem with a block that caused the flow to crash on rare occasions

2.0: greatly improved the flow with much less blocks.

1.1: removed a few more blocks.

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