Vibrate during "Busy" event


Version 1 (November 5, 2021)

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UPDATE 3: Calendar selection works now with restart (select calendar for initial flow start and it is carried over with phone restart). Updated to set to vibrate ringer for busy or tentative calendar status.

UPDATE 2: Hard coded calendar to resolve issues of proper autorestart behavior.

UPDATE 1: Prompts for calendar selection, detects timezone, and delay is added after the end of the appointment by modifying the function block for post_appt_buffer_minutes (result is in seconds)

When you have a "Busy" event in your calendar, your phone will set in "Vibrate" until the event is over. Currently configured to ignore all day events.

Configured to activate 6:31am to 8:59pm (recommend configuring Do Not Disturb on phone to function during sleep hours)