Everee Auto Clock In V2 (Main)

by Zach Young

Version 2 (November 10, 2021)

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The Everee app takes too long to open to clock in or out, so I made this flow to skip the wait!

This flow is pretty bare bones in the ways you can interact with it. I recommend using one of my other "Everee Auto Clock In V2" flows alongside this flow to interact with this flow, or make your own!

Steps to trigger clock in/out:
1. Ensure Main fiber is running.
2. Send a broadcast with the action you want to do (see Clock In and Clock Out fibers for how to do this). If no action is specified then it will toggle the state.

A notification will show when clocked in, clocked out, or when an error occurs. When clocked out, it will include the number of hours worked that day in the notification.