Shizuku RISH installer

by Tanarat Tunteeraponchai

Version 2 (November 25, 2021)

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This flow will copy Shizuku exported rish files to Automate data directory to make rish become executeable in Automate

RISH is an Android program for interacting with a shell that runs on a high-privileged daemon process.
more info:

App required: Shizuku

Start Shizuku app then start Shizuku process
Next, tap "Use Shizuku in terminal apps" then export files to your storage
Then, start this install flow, select directory which you exported "rish" files.
* Based on Shizuku v.12.4 *

Usage in Automate:
Use shell command block
- Command: ./rish -c "YOUR_COMMAND"
- Working directory: /data/data/com.llamalab.automate/files
- Command: /data/data/com.llamalab.automate/files/rish -c "YOUR_COMMAND"

TL;DR: Shizuku privilege in Automate