Mark my words

by Eric Marquis

Version 1 (December 29, 2021)

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Just say the word "Idea". Even if the screen is off, it will listen carefully what you have in mind and write it in a text file unless you say "Nevermind". Every Idea will be written with a date and time for later review.

By default, your ideas will be saved in the folder "Automate" within the file name "Ideas.csv" written in CSV format for Microsoft Excel compatibility. For your own needs, you can define a directory and a filename of your choice in the first two blocks. Should you wish to see your Ideas file, just say the word "List".

As a word of caution, bear in mind that the volume of the audio channel "Notification" will be set to 0% until you exit the flow by saying "Sleep". This is because the Google Recognition Voice Engine use the Notification channel to sing an annoying beep every time it is awaken for listening to your voice.

Key Words :

"Idea" - Starts listening your next spoken words and writes them in an excel file after you stop speaking. "Idea" must be said again to start the listening process.

"Nevermind" - Cancel the command "Idea".

"List" - If the command "Idea" is not active, an excel file containing your spoken words will be displayed.

"Sleep" - Set back the Notification volume to its normal value and stops the flow.

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