Google sign in prompt dismisser(v1.1)

by Christian Shelton

Version 2 (December 10, 2021)

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Auto dismisses Google's full screen "Do you recognise this login" prompt in favour of a high priority, time stamped notification instead(with automate log).

My personal reason as to why i developed this:

Recently I have added alot of additional security to my Google account (keypass2android with inputstick plugin, hardware keys).

To maintain security of my Google account I have set my pc browsers so that all cookies are deleted on exit(hence i get logged out of Google too)

Signing into my Google account is no big issue as i can use a powerful combination of the keypass2android inputstick plugin to autofill my credentials into my computer via my phone and touch my hardware key on my computer to 2FA authenticate my Google account login.This whole process takes less than 1 min for me.

My issue:

Google gives me a full screen prompt on my phone every time i login to google, this is especially annoying when having the keypass app open on my phone (where it completely blocks keypass until i interact with Google's prompt)

There is no option to work around this by Google, unless by signing out of your android device (undesirable for me).

This flow automatically detects this pesky prompt and dismisses it (via back button keypress simulation) and gives a nice time stamped notification that your Google account was accessed instead!

There may be bugs within this flow but in my use case atleast - it works good enough.

Feel free to report any issues and test/tinker with this.

#### v1.1 change log #####
"CHECK ACTIVITY" notification option now accesses Google device activity settings directly from web browser for faster access to signed in devices(Requires user to be signed into their Google account in default mobile browser)