Google Spreadsheets Integration

by Stanislav Tvarůžek

Version 4 (November 29, 2021)

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The flow sends JSON payload directly to a Google spreadsheet via a web service.

The Send Current Location flow sends your current latitude, longitude, and value "Hello".

The Send QR Code Value flow reads a QR Code (ZXing BarCode scanner app must be installed) and sends the value from the QR Code. Latitude and longitude values are set to "N/A" to pass the validation in the web app.

The values are inserted using Google Apps Script into the spreadsheet.

You can then further process data using Google Apps Script to send emails, create docs, spreadsheets, save files to your Google Drive and make HTTP requests.

This opens brand new possibilities for how you can send data from the Automate app and process them further in Google Spreadsheets.


Web app code and setup:


Leave a comment how you use it in your flows.

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