Car πŸš— routine reminder

by Jean-Philippe BΓ©gin

Version 1 (November 27, 2021)

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This is a simple flow that I use on a daily basis during winter ❄️ when I get out of my car to remind me that I need to turn off the car's lights, set the right temperature for next morning for when I'll remote start the car.

Flow will:
- Wait for car BT connection to changed to disconnected.
- Check if I am in the house area
- If so, set ringer mode to normal and volume to πŸ’―
- Play my reminder sound
- Ask me if I am done with the routine. If I choose No, it will keep asking me over and over until I hit yes.
- If Yes is selected, the flow will start over again for the next car πŸš— ride.

Blocks to edit:
- #04 : Select your car BT device
- #14 : Set your house 🏠 location
- #06 : Set your reminder sound