Car telemetry to home assistant v16

by Robert Cunningham

Version 4 (January 2, 2022)

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This script transmits car telemetry data from Torque app and conditions it to feed into Home Assistant. For more information see my blog @ The script needs permissions to monitor your Android device and carry out actions necessary to report data to home assistant.

This release(16) improves a few elements:.
- improved config setup routine.
- allows selection of config and log file locations.
- allows general notifications to be turned on/off.
- removes need for Android reset broadcast as this was causing issues. the script should stay running after reboot if you have set automate to restart scripts after reboot.
- Checks the connection to Home Assistant during config setup. It also give you better help with initial problems and includes options on reporting various data from the android device, Torque or to Owntracks within Home Assistant.
- Continual monitoring of the Torque log file if you choose to have the script start Torque. This is recommended.

Sensitive data is stored only on the device you a running this script on.