Pokemon GO Automated Swiping

by Paul R.

Version 1 (December 6, 2021)

Download (25 downloads)

This is my first Automate Flow.

I made something for when you just need some Pokeballs or Heals and you have a Pokestop/Arena in your range and got some spare time.

It begins with Opening Pokemon Go, then you'll have 5s to open the Stop/Arena before you're getting asked if you want to start or not. After another 5s the Flow begins with swipe interaction, waits 15s, then follows another swipe interaction, until you stop the flow in the notifications.

I'm open for ideas to make this better, I thought of a flowing overlay icon for the stop, but haven't found something like this yet.

It does not need a rooted device, but I think you need a device with Android 8+ for this to work.