⏰⏳ Hybrid Alarm Timer (Largest)

by Sebastian Norr

Version 1 (June 12, 2017)

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It rings like a timer but you set the time like an alarm. (16 blocks)

In this version I will add as much features as possible within the 30 blocks limit.

It rings 1 time with a short signal, so there is no need to pick up your phone from the pocket to snooze or turn off the alarm.

No need of calculating one time unit to another, like how long time it is from now it should ring, or if you wait 23 minutes what is the time then?
Just choose the "time form" and enter it.

I have only tested with alarms within the current day, I need your help to test alarms that goes beyond 24 hours, I suspect that they might not work.

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Please leave feedback here, link to this flow:

Current extra features:
* No 24 hour limit
* Option for custom alarm message.
* 2 options to set the time (12:34 or 1h 23m)

Planed feature:
* Repeating alarm

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