by Jaime Calvo

Version 1 (December 9, 2021)

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Automate your roborock.
You will need Xiaomi Home app.
Make sure to have map saving on and for best use, and make sure your rooms are divided correctly.

With this flow you can start cleaning of any room, hole house/apartment and move your unit to that room.

To setup it for your house or apartment, edit block 18.
Keep room name without special chars or spaces.
Every room will have 2 numbers, these are coordinates on your screen in procenage for that room. First number is left to right and second number is top to bottom

Example :
* "room1" :[25, 25] is on upper left
part of the screen
* "room1" :[50, 50] is in the
middle of the screen
* "room1" :[75, 75] is in the lower
right part of the screen
* "room1" :[75, 25] is in the upper
right part of the screen

Adjust until you are satisfied and then you can start the 1 block with payload "go to xxxx" or "only xxxx". Replace xxxx with room.
Anything else or no payload will clean everywhere.

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