Battery reminders 🆕 🆓

by Wynovesa

Version 1 (December 18, 2021)

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✅ Non premium - 8 blocks

ℹ This flow will provide you with 3 types of warning regarding battery capacity:

🔸100% - Indicates the battery is full (at which point you should disconnect your charger in order to preserve your battery health).

🔸3% / 15% - Battery level is extremely low, connect your charger asap.

🔸0% / 2% - You need to connect your charger RIGHT NOW or your phone will shut down within 30 seconds.

This is my very first flow, constructive criticism is more than welcome!

PS: If you'd prefer another language, or rather see the spoken feature removed altogether, just shoot me a message and I'll gladly provide you with a custom built version.